Jan 24, 2009

Been awhile ...

Busy Saturday, with a fair amount of driving. Started out up in Raymond shooting Ilwaco wrestling.
This is the last image I made before heading out as Ikaika Thomas has his tongue examined after his opponent swung his head back, causing him to bite it pretty hard.
I've found that this team is pretty cool to shoot and pretty much ignored me when I'm around, which is perfect, making it easier to get intimate little moments like this one of Terry Elliott getting ready before a match.

After a trip up to Aberdeen to shoot a feature on a winery, it was back to Ilwaco for a boys hoops game.

Here's a few more from the last week or so...
A couple weeks ago I went up to South Bend to shoot a Naselle girls hoops game. I like to make it up there at least once or twice during the basketball season solely because it is the only gym in our area with a balcony above one of the hoops.

Last week we did a lead feature on Chinook Tribal Chairman Ray Gardner and how one of his traditional handmade paddles was going to be presented to the Smithsonian in DC. You can watch a little audio slideshow I did on him HERE

And finally, last Saturday night I spent over an hour sweating it out at what I thought would be a slam dunk shoot (it was a prince and princess ball for little kids). I didn't get exactly what I was looking for, but I really liked this pic of second grader Eddie Hillard weighing his options as to which girls to give his bouquet to.


Jan 14, 2009

Zack plays P-Town

On Tuesday night I drove into Portland to see my best friend Zack Freiwald play a short set at the Thirsty Lion Pub. Zack is in the midst of a multi-state tour for the next two months promoting his new CD. Included in his dates are a couple shows here in town at Cafe Akari (Thurs. Jan 29 and Sat. Feb. 28) and at those shows I'll be dusting off some of my instruments for the first time in a long time and will play a short set before him, and play bass on a couple songs during his set. On Tuesday I took a few snaps, here's a couple I liked:


Jan 8, 2009

High water everywhere

I couldn't help but think of the Dylan song "High Water Everywhere (for Charlie Patten)" as I was driving around the Naselle valley photographing the record flood levels today.

One discovery of some significance today ... my hip waters I bought when I moved here 6.5 years ago have finally sprung leaks — bbrrrrrrr!


Going to the courthouse and we're going to get married

Here's an audio slideshow I threw together tonight that goes with the piece I had in the paper this week on courthouse weddings. I started shooting it last summer and was hoping for like three or four, but had to settle for just two. However, both couples were very cool and had some good quotes that I was able to use in the show here. Once again, still a bit rusty I think as I just don't do as many of these lately....

Back to work early tommorrow as I'm in for a full day of flood coverage up in Naselle and Raymond...


Jan 3, 2009

First haircut

Wyse began to have a bit of a sheep dog look to him, with his hair in the eyes all the time, so he went under the shears for the first time last week. Needless to say he was a little uncertain of the situation... But hey, new year, new look right?
Happy new year,