Dec 30, 2011

2011 Leftovers

As a follow up to the previous post that featured a gallery of my favorite pix from 2011, here are a few "leftovers" that never made it on the blog, or maybe the paper or the gallery. However, I still like'em.

The most substantial work I did this year, I think, was a continuing series of portraiture, mostly for the weekly Q&A.
Chef Joe Day

Mayor Bob Andrew

Tiffany Turner

Cell phone pix became a little more ubiquitous for me, here's my favorite one of those.


Dec 28, 2011

Best/faves of 2011, Southwest Washington state

I always feel a little weird saying that this is my "best" of one year or another, so lets just say these are a collection of images that I liked best or were most happy with over the last 12 months. Here's to 2011,


Dec 12, 2011

Whole lotta sports — Naselle, Wa., Warrenton and Astoria, Ore.

So, winter season sports started two weeks ago, and for one reason or another I just haven't gotten any pix up yet. Soooo, here's a bunch from the games I've gone to thus far.
The first two hoops games I shot this year — NHS-IHS boys and girls — I set up some remote lights, which I don't do too much of anymore. Didn't really love the results so went back to ambient. It's still a work in progress IMO.


Dec 6, 2011

Brian Brush found guilty of Murder 1, Pacific County Courthouse, South Bend, Wa.

Today Brian Brush was found guilty of first degree murder with aggrivated circumstances in the public shooting of Lisa Bonney in Sept. 2009. I was in court the last two days of the trial and meant to post some stuff yesterday but got too busy. So here is a smattering from Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. Brush is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 12 of next year, nearly two and a half years after his crime.


Dec 1, 2011

Duck hunting on the bay with the Wiegardt boys, Nahcotta, Wa.

I finally got to go out to watch Eric Wiegardt and his dad Dobby duck hunting on Willapa Bay. Tim wrote up a story a couple weeks ago, and the weather just would not cooperate for me to get out there until yesterday morning.

Dobby noted that the deer rack on his garage wall was captured by Ilwaco's first mayor, oh so many years ago.

Unfortunately, these were about as close as the ducks got to us all morning. The guys were also skunked when Tim went out with them. Guess the CO is bad luck for ducks!

Despite not getting a shot off I was totally pleased with how it went, and even got a slice of Mrs. Wiegardt's  marionberry pie afterward. Totally worth getting up at 6 am for!