Nov 25, 2014

Dogs Under Glass

Over the last year and a half I've been making photos when I come across them, of dogs in cars. A few of these were published last February, but I never got around to posting any on here. These are random, I never know when or if I will come across one. Usually this happens when I'm walking through a parking lot or on the street. I'm sure I've made people curious when they see me taking a photo of the inside of someone's vehicle, but I've yet to be chided about it.
Last February I published a few words as an introduction to my Dogs Under Glass:

When I was a little boy one of my favorite books was “Go Dogs Go,” about all these dogs driving cars on their way to a “dog party, a great big dog party.” As an adult I’m still fascinated with dogs in cars, a ubiquitous sight.
Over the past six months I’ve found myself actively looking for puppy passengers, patiently (or not) waiting for their owners return. Sometimes they bark, growl, leap to the window. Other times they sit or lay while staring out the window, like in their own little world.

One of the things I love most about these is the dreamy quality to the photos taken through car windows, with bits of reflection from the outside world

At the rate which I am currently amassing these, I should be ready to produce a Dogs Under Glass book in the next 18 years, give or take. So be on the look out for that


Nov 21, 2014

Passing Glance: Hwy 12 revisted

Driving back from the fruited valley last weekend there were a number of interesting things worth stopping and taking a look at. Hwy 12, not a particularly long road, but one of the more scenic in the state


Nov 17, 2014


It's freezing out here. Central Washington in November can be sharp on the skin. The town is filled with old color, even in empty areas. So much is cleared out from the past, leaving behind pieces that when put together equal something that isn't really there, not anymore. Sometimes you have to be open to whatever is in front of you.