Aug 30, 2012

Polaroid, goops, experiments, Ilwaco, Wa.

After the debacle that was the Polaroid Colorpack II that I bought on eBay and arrived in 50 pieces (and despite gluing it back together the light leaks were killers on such sensitive film) I bought yet another pack film camera, this time a Polaroid 104 land camera. I love it, though there is a pretty good sized learning curve. Along with that I bought a whole bunch of Fuji FP-3000B black & white instant film packs, very different from the color film I had experimented with previously. For one, you get the positive print, and a paper negative that can be scanned with interesting results. Still working on the finer points and focusing and composing with the camera, but I think it can be a great tool for certain uses.


Aug 25, 2012

An evening at the waters edge, Ilwaco, Long Beach, Wa.

In anticipation of the Ilwaco triathlon in a few weeks a bunch of folks took to Black Lake Saturday night for a little preview of the aquatic portion of the course.

Before I made it to the lake I had to make a dash to the beach to get a pic of these two kids who were saved by surf rescue swimmers.

Of course, I know a couple of fishies that like to swim in lakes...


International Kite Festival, Long Beach, Wa.

Kite Fest can be a interesting event, colorful, weird — and the weather was great. I can honestly say that until today I don't think I've ever really been happy with the pix I've come back with from Kite Fest. But hey, this is the 10th anniversary of my first assignment for the Observer back in 2002. I knew I'd get it right eventually...


Aug 24, 2012

Livestock auction, Pacific County Fair, Menlo, Wa.

National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has a quote about how some pictures are better than you are, IMO the one above falls into that category. 
In the last light of the evening I spent a few hours at the Pacific County Fair tonight, mostly at the 4-H livestock auction with giant cows and wily pigs running about.

After the auction was over there was still a little daylight left for cruise around the midway.


Aug 21, 2012

Chinooks honored with National Park opening, McGowan, Wa.

The Chinook Tribe were honored Saturday with the opening of the new Middle Village/Station Camp National Park. Here's hoping that having a national park dedicated to your heritage will finally convince the government to recognize this important culture and group of people.

(This gallery is best viewed by hitting the full screen button)


Aug 20, 2012

Friends and fam camping trip, Saddle Mountain, Ore.

A little camping trip with friends and the fam up at Saddle Mountain in Oregon. Good times