May 24, 2013

On Streets of Roses, pt. 8, Portland, Or.

*The Year of Film, 2013*
On this particular roll of film I had multiple encounters with the wandering lost souls that are PDX junkies, either going through their works box in front of a coffee shop I was inside or a knodded out man who would soon be rousted by cops. Thankfully there were also cute girls and a man walking around with a cat on his shoulder.

With one frame left I snapped this pic of Wyse watching cartoons the other night.


Getting away, pt. 3, Klickitat, Wa.

Here's the final few from Klickitat, shot on very expired film, with the Leica. A beautiful place that I know we will return to again soon.


May 23, 2013

Getting away, pt. 2, Along the Klickitat River

While in Klickitat last week we spent some time along the Klickitat River where Native Americans dip net fish from homemade platform and bridges next too and over the water. These makeshift creations were fascinating and frightening. I traversed the rocky hillside to explore them and in some cases walked out on some, though they did not inspire confidence over what rafters would likely classify as class 5 rapids. This particular bit of fun was shot on several years past expiration color film with the Leica.


May 20, 2013

Getting away, pt. 1, Klickitat Valley, Wa.

Not a lot of nightlife in downtown Klickitat, Wa., but that's one of the reason's me and Nat escaped to there this past week, for almost the whole week. Here's a few from walking around the town as the sun went down on our first night. More to come from this trip


May 13, 2013

On Streets of Roses, pt. 7, Portland, Or.

It was 90 degrees in Portland on Saturday, and I was everywhere downtown. Waterfront, NW, the market, the square, I saw breakdancers, bikini babes, fountain jumpers, sunbathers, Scientologists, and hip hop music video makers. Unlike previous posts in the series, this one was shot digitally with the X100 and in color, rather than on B&W film with the Leica. 
No worries though, Nat and I are off for a week to south central Washington and then Seattle where much film will be used.