Jun 26, 2015

On streets of Roses, Pt. 30

After doing a gear swap with the good people at Pro Photo Supply Wednesday I took a long walk around town looking for interesting bits of light and got lucky to find a few on a bright sunny day


Jun 23, 2015

Scenes from summertime

Oh the fun and freedom of summer has arrived

Here a couple Natty shot with my little Ricoh GR the other day


Jun 16, 2015

On Emerald streets again

What an INCREDIBLE night on the streets of Seattle. So much good light, from the sun, reflected off of buildings and through glass. Interesting people out on a warm night in the city and on the ferry over the sound


Jun 11, 2015

An Astoria walk, and a surfer's party

Yesterday afternoon I had a little walk around Astoria after having lunch with my buddy Josh Bessex 

Then last night we attended a wonderful BBQ at the home of Julez and Leila, where their little boy was the star of the evening.

Interestingly enough, this is my 800th post since starting this blog eight years ago


Jun 9, 2015

These kids just keep getting older, dammit

Oh man, do I feel old sometimes. 
Last Thursday my daughter graduated middle school and will start high school in the fall.

She's a great kid who believes she is older than she actually is sometimes, and may be too smart for her own good...but we still love her just the same

Then there's my buddy, who is wrapping up second grade this week. His class published books they had written this week and his is "Star Wars Kitten," which he won a Young Authors award for at the school.

He's also gotten much better working with Levi

And of course he's a very serious baller