Jun 25, 2012

Shark fishing, Willapa Bay, Wa.

Sunday morning I got the opportunity to be taken out on the Willapa Bay with the crew from 7 Gill Outfitters, a new business that is essentially a charter service for those who want to try their hand at catching a shark, or 10. In the three hours I was out there they hooked and reeled up eight broadnose seven gill sharks, and they weren't small, in fact most were between 7 and 10 feet.

According to state game laws, its actually legal to keep up to 12 per day, if you wanted to. The vast majority of the time it's catch and release. But if you did want to take one home, the quickest way to put the big fish down after being caught is a bullet to the head. In this case, Captain Kelly Barnum used a handgun after one shark swallowed the hook and bait and began to bleed out. The guide roped the shark by the tail before shooting it and then taking it home.


Jun 18, 2012

The Journey, Columbia River, Chinook country


This past week I had the honor of being invited to photograph a historical canoe journey, as the Chinook tribe travelled down the Columbia River from the Cathlapotle village site near Ridgefield to Chinook Point, adjacent to Fort Columbia State Park, by way of three tribal canoes. This was the first time in more than 150 years that the tribe has made this trek. I was onboard two of the canoes throughout Thursday morning, and met up with them again the next day as they finished up their 78 mile trek over three days.

I also, for the first time in two-plus year, made an audio slideshow from stuff compiled for this story, which you can view HERE if you like.


Jun 17, 2012

My boy at 5, Olympia, Wa.

Travelled to Oly as the boy insisted on Chuck E. Cheese for his b-day this year. Gave us a chance to hang with sister Victoria who lives up there. A really fun day.

Sisters do silly things like play with each others hair, commenting on how soft it is...silly

Victoria has obviously been listening to her fortune cookies, as she made the all-star team in just her second year in the Rat City Rollergirls.


Jun 12, 2012

Softball waiting and a dragonfly, Long Beach, Wa.

Chilling during another softball practice (and in case you were wondering, that is a clay volcano made by Kenz on the dash)
I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet already and do a series of Grizz looking and hanging out of windows.

Kenz found a new friend after practice