Jun 10, 2014

Into the wilderness, Sunriver, Ore.

Last weekend Nat, the kids and I spent a four-day vacation with Nat's family in Sunriver, Ore. In honor of this wilderness excursion, I made multiple exposure portraits of several of the party with the Polaroid 103 Land Camera that Nat got me recently for $10 (a super steal).

On day 3, Nat and I took the boys down to the lava caves for some exploring

As you can see, we survived the 100-foot down, 1-mile long trip into the dark


Jun 5, 2014

Field trip, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Or.

Earlier this week I was a chaperone on my boys end of year field trip to Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach and the aquarium in Seaside. From the way they were going nuts in the sand you would think they didn't live at the beach.


Jun 1, 2014

EO Media assignment round-up

My job has changed a lot of late, as the company that owns the Observer switched to a "central desk" that handles layout of all the publications. For the last seven years or so I've been the one who has designed the paper, but no longer. So as I lose hours on one end I gain them on another, as I am now a regular contributor to several other EO Media publications. Today I'm sharing some recent work from assignments for these.
First is a series of portraits I did for Coast Weekend for a series on what libraries mean to people.

Next is a set I shot for the Daily Astorian of the first-ever Run on the River Walk half-marathon today.

Next is a handful of pix for this months issue of the Coast River Business Journal.
Buoy Beer Co. and the shortage of NW hops

Meat purveyors Reed & Hertig

The RiverSea Gallery