Oct 30, 2012

Extra's, outtakes, lost pix and shoulda been's

Came across a bunch of pix that I meant to post at one time or another over the last several months, so here's a collection of shoulda been's or almosts.

Anyone who has traveled to Astoria in the last couple months has been stuck sitting and staring at freighters. 

Grizz and a snail on a walk


A find on a recent walk


Some early spookiness, Seaview, Chinook, Wa.



Oct 29, 2012

S'Moore clamming, Klipsan Beach, Wa.

Clam digging last weekend, and instead of my usual MO — wandering around aimlessly on a wide open beach — I went out with a local family, Lyle, Priscilla, Jacob and their dog Rosie. It was more than a little rainy, and windy and miserable, but other than that it was alright.


Oct 9, 2012

A beauty restored, Willapa Wildlife Refuge

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a couple evenings out in the wetlands of the Willapa Wildlife Refuge along the dikes that have been, or are scheduled to be removed as part of a restoration project. Refuge manager Jackie Ferrier was my guide on day two as we hiked into the Lewis Unit where the dike was recently removed and waterfowl are abundant.
At the bottom you'll find a video I shot for the story that I think came out pretty well.

Be sure to select HD quality before watching please, looks way better.