Aug 24, 2015

The new home of Picture Window

For almost nine years my photo blog Picture Window has lived here on Blogspot, and that's where you'll still find the archive of previous posts. But going forward, the new home for the journal of my ongoing adventures can be found at, part of my new website.

Aug 14, 2015

On Emerald Streets again

While in Seattle for business earlier this week, I had a couple hours to spend walking around as the evening light was coming down. I've been using the Ricoh GRD a lot lately, an excellent little machine ideal for use on the street. It's about as big as my iPhone, has the quality of a DSLR and has full manual controls, something you don't usually find in a pocket camera.

I've been really trying to shoot on the edge of the light this summer, looking for scenes where the setting sun and reflected light off of surrounding buildings creates beams that illuminate the people as they walk through, but blow out the backgrounds, creating great shadows.


Aug 8, 2015

On streets of Roses, Pt. 31

It's been an interesting few weeks since I last shared something new. I've been busy, freelancing for a few different clients and trying to figure things out. It was really nice to get back on the street and create some new work.