Apr 24, 2014

Only Love can Break your Heart

My hometown and I have shared a love/hate relationship for years. Upon visiting it again four years ago I saw the way it had changed into a place very different from what I had known it as. I said at the time that if I never went back there I wouldn't mind at all, as it was only my parents, who live there, that were worth seeing in such a place. 
Last summer my father had a series of strokes that irrevocably changed his life. As I drive down to see him in the hospital I had ample time to revisit my thoughts on my hometown — Crescent City, Ca., the only place in the contiguous United States to have been hit by multiple tsunami's. It occurred to me that to have strong feelings about something there must be feelings there to be felt. My hometown has broken my heart for what it has become, but only because I care for it so. As it is true that only love can break your heart.
These photos are the most recent in a series I have been making of my hometown, this time in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the first tsunami. These photos are about Crescent City, about time and change, about my father, about me.


Apr 22, 2014

Kenz at 13

My now teenaged daughter lives a very busy life, between drama and track she barely has time to text!!!


Apr 16, 2014

Two sides of a shooting

Kevin Tore, ABOVE,  is still recovering from a shotgun blast he took last week from Marvin Nelson. Tore has birdshot scars on his neck, chest, arm and legs. The shooting was the event that led Nelson to have a stand off with police before burning down his trailer and then taking his own life.

Natalie wrote an excellent article on the shooting last week and a pair about the two men this week.

(BTW I have no clue why sometimes B&W's look sepia on here, certainly is not the intent)

And of course, the youth of today took the opportunity to document the crime with selfies at the scene.