Jul 26, 2010

Holy spectrum Batman, a post in full color

Wow, it was summer for like two whole days! Weekend assignments week included the Long Beach Rodeo and the Naselle FInnish-American Folk Festival. And did I mention the sun was out?
I waited out this scene for a loooooong time. The light and color was just too good, but unfortuantely nothing ever really happened. I still like the scene though.
Lots of banged up cowboys this year. Three bull riders were in need of medical attention Saturday after being trampled, knocked unconscious or both. This dude took double the pain.
Peek-a-boo, it's a terrier

I love the stick horse races, shot it a little different this time though, don't know if it worked or not

Earlier Saturday was in Naselle for the FinnFest. Lots of girls with flowers in their hair. Thanks to Mike for the Finn for a Day pin he gave me halfway through the opening ceremony.


Jul 23, 2010

Summer, grey skies — must be time for a BBQ

Last summer we got a bunch of friends and fam together for a couple BBQ and softball days at the Ilwaco park. This last Tuesday we did it again, save for the softball game, which I wouldn't have been able to play in after badly bruising my ribs the week before. So instead it was a whole lot of food and friends. Here's a few pix I snapped inbetween bites of BBQ sturgeon and pineapple upside down cake.


Jul 16, 2010

Nurse Gloria

Amanda is working on a story this week on Gloria here who was a Cadet Corps nurse during World War II and is trying to get the federal government to recognize people like her as vets, as she says, "before we're all dead." You can read more about the Cadet Corps HERE if you like.
I don't usually do these kinds of ports, but liked this one quite a bit.


Yesterday I saw my old camera sitting lonely on a shelf...

...I took it down, lensed it up and shot some pix that pleased myself
-Poet I M Not


Jul 12, 2010

The Return of the Candidate, or Dino Rossi and the Potluck of Doom

It was back to the future for me tonight as I photographed GOP candidate Dino Rossi at the Malin's house in Seaview. Two years ago when he was making his second unsuccessful run at the governors seat I photographed him at the same location, in a similar sorta event. This time however he is making a run at Senator Murray's seat.
So as not to give the appearance of duplication I tried to get some different sorta stuff from last time. Not sure how successful I was though as it was your basic meet, greet, speak, eat event.

Wish I was about two feet taller on this one so I could've gotten the tent out of the background... It's times like these that I wish I had like Inspector Gadget springy shoes or something

This was perhaps the most unusually interesting two minutes of the night as this guy, Stan Blunt, got kicked out for trying to pass out flyers about Rossi's stance on illegal immigrants. Upon being asked to leave he tried yelling a few things, which were ignored by the candidate but caught a few eyes and ears on the way out.

After getting the people listening intently pix and him speaking above I found this one of a younger person looking very much like a younger person at a political potluck.

On a side note, I was accompanied at the event by our summer intern Maddie Dickerson (whom I really should've gotten a pic of). We had a good laugh over a comment made randomly by someone who said she looked like a Murray supporter. I guessed it was the dress slacks she was sporting, very liberal you know...

Anyway, look for some these on the front page this week,


Jul 11, 2010

Portside pelicans

In honor of the poor pelicans in the gulf, here are a few, oil-free, I spotted tonight at the port of Chinook.