Jul 26, 2010

Holy spectrum Batman, a post in full color

Wow, it was summer for like two whole days! Weekend assignments week included the Long Beach Rodeo and the Naselle FInnish-American Folk Festival. And did I mention the sun was out?
I waited out this scene for a loooooong time. The light and color was just too good, but unfortuantely nothing ever really happened. I still like the scene though.
Lots of banged up cowboys this year. Three bull riders were in need of medical attention Saturday after being trampled, knocked unconscious or both. This dude took double the pain.
Peek-a-boo, it's a terrier

I love the stick horse races, shot it a little different this time though, don't know if it worked or not

Earlier Saturday was in Naselle for the FinnFest. Lots of girls with flowers in their hair. Thanks to Mike for the Finn for a Day pin he gave me halfway through the opening ceremony.


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