Nov 28, 2011

Brush murder trial finally begins, Pacific County Courthouse, South Bend, Wa.

The Brian Brush murder trial finally began today — more than two years after Lisa Bonney was gunned down in front several hundred people on the Bolstad beach approach.
The picture above is the first time I've seen Brush look somewhat normal since this whole thing started. All the previous times I've photographed him in court he was haggard looking, unshaven usually, and in a jail jumpsuit with shackles. Quite a bit different today as he was clean shaven, wearing casual clothes, and strolled around the front of the courtroom during breaks.

The prosecutions first witnesses were the three police officers first on the scene, and each were asked to demonstrate what they saw Brush allegedly do. The jury also saw two highly graphic crime scene images from the scene.

The new defense attorneys came off a little odd, giggling to each other back and forth throughout the hearing, including during testimony. The lead attorney had to be reprimanded by judge Sullivan during his opening statement — which meant the jury had to be cleared from the room — because he started talking about something that the judge had already ruled that he couldn't mention. As you can see below, directly afterward, he didn't seem to mind.

The trial is set to last for the better part of the next three weeks, and I will likely be in attendance at least once each week.
(FYI, in case it wasn't obvious enough, any opinions shared on this blog and mine, and mine alone and do not represent the newspaper or anyone else. This is simply a retelling of things as I saw them.)


Nov 22, 2011

Windows, waves, hoops and chiefs - Long Beach, Seaview and Ilwaco, Wa.

SO, this is me catching up.
Back on Halloween I got this pic of these porthole pooches while trick or treating in Ilwaco. It's running this week coupled with the pic below, which is really way more Halloween-esque, though I just took it like a week ago. (Thanks to my man Stu for the assist on this one!)

The first real winter storms started hitting us this week and I did something I don't think I've ever done before — shoot the enormous waves crashing into the cliff face at Waikiki Beach in Ilwaco. They were HUGE

This past week was also the start of winter season sports practices. It felt really weird shooting a hoops practice on Friday instead of a football game. It threw off my whole week.

And finally, LB police chief Flint Wright was the Q&A this week, and this was the result of our two minute portrait session — I really like it.

Happy turkey day to all, and to all, a good gravy


PS - I also finished up my new portfolio website, which has a link at the top of the blog (or HERE if you prefer). It has a variety of galleries in a variety of categories Take a look, lemme know what you think

Nov 12, 2011

NHS playoff loss, Naselle, Wa.

Well, I sure wasn't expecting to be posting these pix, especially so soon. The Comets, who went into the first round of the state playoffs last night undefeated and ranked second in the state. However, they draw the short straw and had to play a really, really good Adna team, and could just never get on track, losing a season-ending game 41-8. 

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and some valley vets served as color guard at the game, which was nice to see.

This was probably a bad sign — in more ways than one... The sign the cheerleaders made for the team to run thru after halftime ripped in two thanks to a gust of wind.

 So, another football season ends, far too soon for me. Guess it's time to head back inside for the next three months...
You can see some more pix from this game on the Friday Night Sights Blog HERE


Nov 10, 2011

Ready for some playoffs, Naselle, Wa.

I meant to post this several days ago, but...
This is from Naselle's win over Wahkiakum last Saturday night. Not only did they win the K-M Trophy, but also the district playoff game, putting them in as the top seed on the western side of the state playoff bracket. They play tonight at 7 p.m., hosting Adna, a ridiculously tough first round opponent. You can read all about the match-up on the week 11 game preview on the Friday Night Sights blog HERE. Hope to see you all there, should be a real battle.


Oysterville by lamplight, Oysterville, Wa.

 Old building? Check. Guys wearing old-timey suits and hats? Check. Lit only by house lamps? Ehhhh.....check.
I shot a dress rehearsal of the Shoalwater Shenanagans, an interesting telling of the early days on the north Peninsula, performed at Oysterville Church. Not usually used for such things, especially at night, the room was lit with candles, oil lamps and house lamps. Challenge? yeah, but a fun one.

The show is being presented Saturday, Nov. 19 at 3 and 7 pm.


Nov 4, 2011

Fishermen finish fantastic, Peterson Field, Ilwaco, Wa.

Ilwaco finished up their football season last night a fantastic fashion with a 40-6 win over Warrenton on a really sloppy field. Very cool way to end for the seniors.

Post game was sloppy fun too.

Here's one for my man Jeff