Sep 24, 2010

Stop, garbage time

Today I got to spend some time with Chad, a sanitation worker on the Peninsula, as he finished up his route and dropped off his load at the local transfer station where we also took a look at the recycling side of things for a story we have planned for next week. While the smell was rather overwhelming, as I'm sure you can imagine, it was interesting to see the operation, which is far more complicated than I imagined.

Then tonight I was at the Naselle-South Bend football game. This rivalry game is usually a real slugfest, but things felt different this time for some reason. I mean, the crowd was pretty quiet throughout the contest, which is unusual, especially for South Bend. Neither team played to their potential and made myriad mistakes which eventually led to a 14-6 South Bend win.

There's a gallery on the football blog HERE if you want to see more from this game


Sep 21, 2010

Mudsport, pt. 2

The night before my adventure to Mudland (see post below this one), I was at the IHS football game where it was also muddy and slippery and wet and ridiculous.
For whatever reason — and I have thought about this quite a bit — I have had better luck over the years shooting NHS football games over IHS games. The opposite could be said when it comes to basketball for some reason. Fact is, Ilwaco's field has MUCH better lighting (more than twice as many bulbs beaming). My luck seemingly changed Friday as I got the kind of pix I wanted for a change, despite the crappy weather that has plagued Friday night's thus far.

HERE is a gallery of more pix from the game on the football blog
This Friday it's back to Naselle for the big rivalry game with South Bend which could go a long way to deciding the Pacific League — pray for no rain!!!


Sep 18, 2010

The mud you say! — Mudsport pt.1

Two years ago I checked out the Three Course Challenge cross country meet in Seaside, Ore. and had a great time. After missing it last year I was back again today for fun in the mud.
According to those in the know, this was the biggest mud pit ever, at least 30 yards long, 15 or so wide and waste deep in the middle thanks to all the rain we've gotten this week. There are more than 2,000 runners and many of them take it more casual or even humorous.
When all the racers are through the pit turns into a playground for the grown children.

Needless to say, I got a little wet.

Unlike last time I actually got some good stuff of runners from Ilwaco and Naselle too.
I'm quite sure that every video camera there caught me cackling with delight each time a pack would come splashing through — your welcome. What a great time.
If you wanna see more, check out this gallery HERE
And if you're looking for more of Ilwaco and Naselle runners, here's another gallery HERE


Sep 17, 2010

Drop cover and hold your chickens in court

Another week has passed me by. Here's a few pix from this week, including a feature on Trish Berrong, who loves chickens, especially this little one who travels around with on her shoulder, even in the car. I had the pleasure of spending some time with her and her many chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys yesterday.

Wednesday morning was the annual state-wide earthquake drill and I was at IMHS to shoot some students during the drill.

And then today I was up at the courthouse, again, to shoot Brian Brush in court, again. He was finally arraigned today, a year and one week to the day that his alleged crime took place. But, on the plus side, I finally got something that I had yet to get in my numerous times up there, which is a pic with him actually looking at me.
He quickly changed back to his normal pose shortly thereafter.


Sep 11, 2010

Old cars & stars

Today I spent sometime at the annual car show here, the Rod Run to the End of the World. The name is epic but the event itself is, well, a car show. I just don't dig on cars the way that other people do, but I do dig on people watching.

Like me, not everyone was super excited about the show...

Speaking of show, in honor of something or another they brought the dead back to life with a performance by Elvis, or someone resembling his stage presence. Dude had the moves and the voice, just don't look at him too close.


BOOM! Volleyball, football, radio drama, community kitchen

After meaning to post like three different things over the last few days I'm instead going to give you a jumbo-sized post featured a variety of stuff from this week. (mostly because it just turned into tomorrow and I'm really tired).
Thursday night I was at Ilwaco's first volleyball game of the year, their rivalry match with Naselle. IHS has not won a match in over two years, but came out looking really good. And though they couldn't sustain it for the whole match they played better than I've seen them in a long time.

The night before I was tasked with trying to get a picture of something that historically has not been a visual media — a radio play. The Peninsula Players are putting on a radio-style play in front of live audiences — essentially a small group of actors on a bare stage who get up and speak lines in turn. They did however have 1950s era costuming that they are wearing, including hats, which made my job slightly easier I think.

Thursday afternoon I spent some time with the crew at His Supper Table, a church group that prepares hot meals and hands out dry food supplies to those in need.
This is the cook, who appeared out of the back of the kitchen with this crazy mask, which was so weird and funny.

Finally, tonight I was in Naselle for their home opener football game against Warrenton. They played well for the most part and got the win, but still have a lot of things to work on. You can see a gallery of more images at the FNS football blog HERE if you like.



Sep 4, 2010

Football & rainfall

With beautiful weather the day before (for the most part) and equally clear skies Friday morning, I had high hopes for last nights opening football game — which this year was also the Bear River Battle between Ilwaco and Naselle. But by mid-day it was clear (or in the case of the skies, not so much) that it was going to be one wet evening. The thick fog brought with it a thick blanket of misty moodsetter with it. And while the rest of me faired fine, it was a particular chore wiping my glasses off every two minutes or so. This of course had no bearing on how much I enjoyed being out on the field again
The wet stuff led to five turnovers by each team and sloppy game all around with a lot of mistakes. But even with all that Naselle had little trouble with the Fishermen, rolling easily to a 24-0 win. 

I had the pleasure of shooting the game with our summer intern (on likely her final assignment for us) Maddie Dickerson, who did a great job in rounding out a three month stint where she really came into her own IMO.
Maddie, an IHS alumni, stuck mostly to the Fishermen sideline, while I hung to the Naselle side for the majority of the game. She also took the cheerleaders while I got the band — both of whom performed at halftime.

Between Maddie and I we had five cameras going, nearly 2,000 images shot, which led to a bigger than normal game gallery on Friday Night Sights, which you can check out HERE if you like. 
Oh, weather or not, rain or not, it's good to be back into games again.