Sep 17, 2010

Drop cover and hold your chickens in court

Another week has passed me by. Here's a few pix from this week, including a feature on Trish Berrong, who loves chickens, especially this little one who travels around with on her shoulder, even in the car. I had the pleasure of spending some time with her and her many chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys yesterday.

Wednesday morning was the annual state-wide earthquake drill and I was at IMHS to shoot some students during the drill.

And then today I was up at the courthouse, again, to shoot Brian Brush in court, again. He was finally arraigned today, a year and one week to the day that his alleged crime took place. But, on the plus side, I finally got something that I had yet to get in my numerous times up there, which is a pic with him actually looking at me.
He quickly changed back to his normal pose shortly thereafter.


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