Sep 11, 2010

BOOM! Volleyball, football, radio drama, community kitchen

After meaning to post like three different things over the last few days I'm instead going to give you a jumbo-sized post featured a variety of stuff from this week. (mostly because it just turned into tomorrow and I'm really tired).
Thursday night I was at Ilwaco's first volleyball game of the year, their rivalry match with Naselle. IHS has not won a match in over two years, but came out looking really good. And though they couldn't sustain it for the whole match they played better than I've seen them in a long time.

The night before I was tasked with trying to get a picture of something that historically has not been a visual media — a radio play. The Peninsula Players are putting on a radio-style play in front of live audiences — essentially a small group of actors on a bare stage who get up and speak lines in turn. They did however have 1950s era costuming that they are wearing, including hats, which made my job slightly easier I think.

Thursday afternoon I spent some time with the crew at His Supper Table, a church group that prepares hot meals and hands out dry food supplies to those in need.
This is the cook, who appeared out of the back of the kitchen with this crazy mask, which was so weird and funny.

Finally, tonight I was in Naselle for their home opener football game against Warrenton. They played well for the most part and got the win, but still have a lot of things to work on. You can see a gallery of more images at the FNS football blog HERE if you like.



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