Feb 24, 2015

February in the Railroad Earth

Been doing a lot of driving lately. Between covering high school playoffs and a trip to Walla Walla for Madison's funeral, I've traveled 2,238 miles in less than three weeks. That equals 37.3 hours of driving. That's nearly a work week.
I haven't been alone though. Most of the sports trips I've had a dog with me. Walla Walla had Nat and both the dogs. But always I've had my old Polaroid 103 along for the ride. It's been making appearances at many stops along the road.

Umatilla, Or.

Adna, Wa.

Montesano, Wa.

South Bend, Wa. 

Raymond, Wa. 

Westport, Or. 

 Kalama, Wa.

Travel is coming again, but instead of for work for myself. 
The Kerouac poem "October in the Railroad Earth" reminds me of where I'm going to return to work on my book project next week. Once again looking at my original hometown and what it means to me now.
The clarity of Cal., break your heart. I'll see you again soon.

Feb 21, 2015

In Memoriam, for Madison Baird

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, on this lonely stretch of road outside of Walla Walla, 20-year-old Madison Baird was struck by a vehicle while she was riding her bicycle. Madison was the cousin to my Natalie, and I would learn, the friend to literally thousands of people in the Walla Walla Seventh Day Adventist community. Madison's body held on long enough to afford doctors time to give many of her organs to other people in need, one last selfless act for a girl who was praised for such things. These are the photos I made while on the trip to her funeral and memorial services last weekend.