Oct 22, 2010

Fore! Or in Ilwaco's case, Six!

Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunity to spend a few hours rolling around the beautiful grounds of Three Rivers Golf Course in Kelso (lots of fall foliage, which I love), photographing the Ilwaco boys golf team as they won their sixth-straight district tournament and advanced all six players there to the state tournament. Apparently this is the first time in the state that a team from any sport, at any level has won six-straight district titles.
I've been playing A LOT of golf lately (part of the reason I haven't been posting much the last few weeks), and these young men put me to shame, they are so very good. I have to admit I was just as intently watching their swings and approach as much as I was watching for images. In fact, the next day me and my buddy Jeff went out and I was able to put it to use. Good deal!

Congrats to the Fishermen! Now I gotta go hit up the IHS homecoming game in the cold. God I hope it doesn't rain too!


Meet Brad Pitt...

The other day Kenz caught a tree frog and bottled him up for the afternoon, with Wyse and her spellbound watching it move around the old juice bottle. For some reason she decided to name it Brad Pitt. I told her she should have named it Brad Ribbit... Her plan was to take it to school for sharing, but we told her she had to release it by the end of the afternoon. The deal was I'd take a pic of the frog for her to take to school. Good deal for all of us.


Oct 8, 2010


October is upon us, which around here means cranberry harvest time. Wednesday morning I had the opportunity to spend a little time at one of the McPhail farms shooting pix of guys harvesting berries.
The bogs are flooded and then the bushes are beaten to shake the berries loose. Workers then wade out and corral the berries and send them up a conveyor system into large wooden boxes called totes for transport to the Ocean Spray processing plant.
When I first moved here eight years ago I went out to shoot harvest pretty much every year, but hadn't been knee-deep in berry water for a couple years, so it was fun to get back out there.

Last night I was at Hilltop Auditorium for the final candidates forum before the ballots are sent out. The big draw were the two sheriff candidates, Scott Johnson, to the right, and incumbent sheriff John Didion.
Sheriff Didion gives a stoic appearance, and while he articulates his answers particularly well, he doesn't show much in the way of emotion while doing so. In this case my view switched to Johnson, who I think in two debates with Didion that I've been to has yet to look at him directly, which I thought was kind of unusual.

There were also speakers there to lobby for votes one way or the other on ballot initiatives. I wasn't assigned to shoot these folks, but still found a view I liked from the balcony for a few. I'm going to try and remember to try this again at one of the dozen or so assignments I get in this hall a year.
Here is Lisa Ayers, one of the candidates for county commissioner how spoke last night as well. I wanted to get something like this of each candidate, but didn't work out. These kind of forums can be tough to shoot, as there is little going, with candidates sitting at a table answering questions. To make it tougher the audience stays seated as the moderator asks questions they have written down, so there was no real interplay between the two. Some times shooting politics is fun, other times, it's just tough to get something vaguely interesting.


Oct 7, 2010

Better run thru the jungle

*Rare color post*
Here's Cindy Pacheco running the cross country course Tuesday night, en route to a second place finish. Lots of opportunity for "jungle" shots along the IHS course, and having that late afternoon sun helped too.