Oct 22, 2010

Fore! Or in Ilwaco's case, Six!

Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunity to spend a few hours rolling around the beautiful grounds of Three Rivers Golf Course in Kelso (lots of fall foliage, which I love), photographing the Ilwaco boys golf team as they won their sixth-straight district tournament and advanced all six players there to the state tournament. Apparently this is the first time in the state that a team from any sport, at any level has won six-straight district titles.
I've been playing A LOT of golf lately (part of the reason I haven't been posting much the last few weeks), and these young men put me to shame, they are so very good. I have to admit I was just as intently watching their swings and approach as much as I was watching for images. In fact, the next day me and my buddy Jeff went out and I was able to put it to use. Good deal!

Congrats to the Fishermen! Now I gotta go hit up the IHS homecoming game in the cold. God I hope it doesn't rain too!


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Anonymous said...

Once again your photos mesmerize me. Beautiful shots. Keep putting stuff up...please:)