Nov 9, 2010

Back in black (& white), or, It's been weeks? That's so weak, man!, or, The only reason I'm posting is because it's raining and I can't golf today

So yeah, it's been weeks since I last posted. Partly because I don't feel super strongly about what I've shot lately. It kinda falls in my middle-grade I'd say. But I know people check in on a daily basis to see of there's something new, and I don't want to lose people who eventually just get tired of checking back on the same old photos. The other part is that I've turned my obsessive personality to the golf course and have been playing rabidly, several times a week for the last couple months and having a great time. So here's some of what happened in the tween time.
Last Friday night I went out to shoot some clam tiders, getting a surprise gift of an incredible sunset (if you wanna see the pix in color, GO HERE). Stayed an hour, sun went down, i went back to get warm.

The nest night I was up in Aberdeen for a rainy district football playoff game with Naselle. Looks the young teams luck finally ran out as they were shutout by defending state champ Adna, in turn shutting them out of the state playoffs for the first time in four years. And while it is a little sad, you gotta feel good for the guys coming back, as their team, which went 7-3, was packed with underclassmen and will figure to be even better next year.

I got a text from Ryley Queener, at right, the day after the photo gallery went up on the football blog saying "How did I know the first picture on the blog would be the one of me needing help getting eye black on? LOL".
Ahh, you guys just know me too well...
More pix from the game HERE
The Saturday before I was up in Olympia, in the rain again, at the district cross country meet. I really like cross country, and especially enjoy shooting district each year.
Whoa, color pic, how'd that get in there? Here's a gallery of color pix from the MEET

And finally, this is from a few weeks back at the Lady Fishermen's final volleyball match of the year. It was also senior night, which is always fun.


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Welcome back. You were missed.