Nov 19, 2010

Moving indoors

After a week without sports it was back into the gyms this week as winter sports practices got underway.
With the IHS boys hoops, above, I wanted to make something different as I knew that story would be the lead on the sports page this week. I'm a little on the fence with the pic below from NHS boys hoops practice. I like the pic and it tells the story of how Leo Mendoza, a senior coming off a knee injury from football season, may be hampered or even sidelined as the season opens. But at the same time I don't like to add undue weight to the shoulders of these kids either, so not sure if we're going to use it in the paper or not.
While girls practices can be just as serious as the boys, they sure seem like they're having more fun most of the time. My daughter is planning on playing in a grade school league this winter and is attending a skills camp the next few Saturdays. While I hope that she learns fundamentals of the game, I also hope she remembers to have fun, like these girls at NHS tonight.
The IHS wrestling team has so many wrestlers this year they moved out of their training room downstairs at the old high school building and into the old cafeteria which is twice as big. And while this gives them more room, let's just that ventilation was an afterthought. Even coach McNulty had a comment and smile upon walking into the gymnasium afterward at how much fresher the air was out there.

The only team I haven't gotten to yet is IHS girls hoops, but they're on the list for next week.

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