Nov 26, 2010

Ilwaco via Columbia River via Canada via Lake Superior

Back in the old days (like 11 years ago when I actually worked at a daily) this kinda thing would be referred to as a "daily feature," meaning a feature story that usually comes up the day of and is shot and produced for the next days paper without much in the way of planning. In this case this fellow showed up at the port of Ilwaco this afternoon having just completed a trip via handmade canoe with his buddies that began in Michigan and went up through Canada and ended up on the Columbia River, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The dude did it all as the culminating project for his masters degree. Oh yeah, and before he left he was clean-shaven, and he and his friend decided not to shave for the length of the trip, some 250 days.

The canoe is a "skin boat" made up of tree bark and sealed with pitch. Below he does some final repair the hull before launching from Ilwaco to make the final trip around Cape D and end up at the ocean.

The guy goes to Western Washington U up in Bellingham, and his mom and other friends and family were on hand today for their arrival. Pretty fun way to spend an hour.


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