Dec 30, 2013

Best personal work of 2013

This year I began to do something that amazingly enough I had never really done before — taking photographs not just for my job at the paper, but for my own pleasure. I feel like I have shot in a street photography style for several years, but the last 12 months have been my first foray into doing this on a regular basis. 
If you are more interested in my best work created for the Observer this year, please check out the previous post. Enjoy

In Cities: a street photography series 

Near the River and the Sea: a series captured in and around Long Beach, Wa. and Seaside and Astoria, Or.

Dirty Old Towns: What started out as a series about Longview, morphed into an examination of several old, decaying towns throughout the region


Dec 29, 2013

My best assignment work of 2013

At the end of each year I take the time to go back through the work I have created in that year and try and figure out what I feel was the best or my favorite images of the last twelve months. Today I'm presenting my compilation of work produced while on assignment for the Observer or the Business Journal. In the next day or two I'll be adding a set of my best personal work from the year as well. Hope you enjoy.


The Faces of Cancer: a portrait series

Child's Play: a series about growing up in our communities

In the Small Time: a series about a lower level professional wrestling league

The Journey: a series about the annual intertribal canoe journey of Pacific Northwest tribes