Dec 21, 2012

My best of the year for 2012

My annual offering to the photo gods that guide my way through this strange and wonderful world. This has been a year of many changes for me both personally and professionally, but in both ways my life is ending 2012 better than I began it, as I am a profoundly happier person and possibly even a better photographer, but I'll let you decide that for me. Thank you for continuing to come by the blog, I do appreciate it, and I hope the new year greets you kindly.
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Dec 20, 2012

Hoops and ports, Ilwaco, Long Beach, Wa.

The first month of hoops season is almost gone and I'm finally starting to get a few decent pix.

Then today I made this pic of Dale Shoemaker, this week's Q&A


Dec 14, 2012

Clamming in the dark, Long Beach, Wa.

I've never understood why people go clamming in complete darkness and freezing cold, but it can make for some interesting pix.


LBS holiday concert, Long Beach, Wa.

Seemed like a good time to share some happy school-related stuff today


Dec 5, 2012

Foster house hearing, Long Beach, Wa.

 Wednesday morning I photographed a public hearing regarding the possible opening of a facility to house at-risk foster boys in Seaview. Somewhere between 120 and 200 people showed up to speak out against the facility, though judging by their questions for the owner, they didn't seem to understand what kind of facility it was planning to be and what kind of kids would be housed there. Many came thinking it would be a type of juvenile detention center (which its not). It was a little disheartening to see the people of this community who have always supported kids to have such a knee jerk reaction to something like this that could be a positive thing for local kids in really tough situations.

My favorite in the crowd was this guy who took up a spot outside one of the windows since it was so very crowded indoors.


IHS wrestling, Ilwaco, Wa.

Last night I photographed my first wrestling meet of the year, and it just so happened to be my favorite kind, a dual meet featuring gladiator lighting. Ilwaco blew away Seaside in the win, and the JV did well too. A good night on the mat.

The following is really the only bad thing for Ilwaco last night, as one of their wrestlers had his left elbow pulled out of its socket (as seen below). Good thing the hospital is just around the corner.