Jan 30, 2014

Natalie, Observer office, Long Beach, Wa.

This afternoon I made this portrait of Natalie as a test for a series I'm working on for next weeks paper. I made it using Fuji's FP 3000B instant film.

Last night I signed a petition asking Fuji to not discontinue the film, I'm hoping others will too. You can do that by clicking HERE


Jan 27, 2014

Spotlight on The Image, Deconstructed

I am very honored to be featured on The Image, Deconstructed this week, which is spotlighting the images and the story behind the Dale Ostrander rescue back in Aug. 2011. The site is a well-respected one in the photojournalism community and has featured some of the best images, and the stories behind them, of the last decade. Please check it out if you have the chance HERE


Jan 24, 2014

Project Homeless Connect, Long Beach, Wa.

For a few hours yesterday, Natalie and I photographed and interviewed people who were taking part in Project Homeless Connect, a first time event that offered services and information for local people in need. We offered to take anyone's photograph who liked and give them a print. They could also choose to allow us to use the photo in print along with a short interview about their situation. Here are my favorites from the shoot, which will appear on the Life page of next weeks paper.


Jan 8, 2014

On Streets of Roses, pt. 14

From my continued exploration of PDX

 And lastly, this is the plant in the office of L. Ron Hubbard — who died in 1986 — part of the new Scientology church in downtown Portland. I have no real clue what scientologists believe in, but apparently its not watering your plants.