Feb 27, 2013

Old chromes, 2002, Reno, Nv.

*The Year of Film, 2013*
Granted this was shot in 2002, I recently came across several sleeves of chromes I shot on a family trip to Reno. This is one of the few times I've shot slide film, but there were actually a few that I liked that i had forgotten about. I also came across some other film negs that I plan to scan and put up at some point later that I'm looking forward to sharing.


Expired film, Portland, Or., Long Beach, Longview, Wa.

*The Year of Film, 2013*
When it became 2013 I declared to Natalie that this was going to be "The Year of Film," and while I have been shooting a lot of B&W film — which has been featured on here in previous street photography posts — it just so happened that the first few rolls I went through happened to color film that expired about six years ago and had not been refrigerated. 
Expired film often means two main things: color shifts and graininess, and as you will see here both are definitely present, some to better effect than others. This look is actually quite commonplace these days with the use of Instagram filters that recreate these tones and textures. I still have A LOT of old film to shoot, so don't be surprised if you see more grainy, odd-toned pix on here throughout the year. 


Feb 26, 2013

Love Bomb benefit, Bossanova Ballroom, Portland, Or.

Sunday night in Portland Nat and I volunteered ourselves at a benefit event for one of her friends, Chelsia Rice, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Love Bomb, as it was named, was a really cool time with multiple bands, a live and a silent auction, and an appearance by the LoveBomb Go-Go marching band. We set up a photo booth and Nat made portraits of people all night while I skulked around getting candids of the party.
Later this week we will be making candids and portraits available for purchase online, with proceeds going to Chelsia, so watch for that on Facebook. It was pretty amazing and heartening to see how a couple of her friends put this all together and made it such a successful event.

A genius idea was setting up a laptop so that Chelsia could Skype with folks and watch what was going on since she was not able to attend.

Here is my beloved laughing her ass off after making a crazy portrait of some of her friends to end the night.


Feb 18, 2013

On Emerald Streets, Seattle, Wa.

*The Year of Film, 2013*
Last weekend Nat and I took a little brief vacation to Seattle to shoot the state high school wrestling tournament, attend the opening of the Vivian Meier exhibition at NW Photography Center, but mostly we walked around doing street photography and eating amazing, authentic Chinese food. I shot more film and we had such a great time.

Here's a leftover from our street shooting excursion to PDX a few weeks ago, followed by one of Nat in Chinatown in a pigeon-filled alley. Such a beautiful time with a beautiful woman and great photographer, my very best friend. You'll be able to check out her take on her BLOG.