Feb 27, 2013

Expired film, Portland, Or., Long Beach, Longview, Wa.

*The Year of Film, 2013*
When it became 2013 I declared to Natalie that this was going to be "The Year of Film," and while I have been shooting a lot of B&W film — which has been featured on here in previous street photography posts — it just so happened that the first few rolls I went through happened to color film that expired about six years ago and had not been refrigerated. 
Expired film often means two main things: color shifts and graininess, and as you will see here both are definitely present, some to better effect than others. This look is actually quite commonplace these days with the use of Instagram filters that recreate these tones and textures. I still have A LOT of old film to shoot, so don't be surprised if you see more grainy, odd-toned pix on here throughout the year. 


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Anonymous said...

awesome, i love the grittiness the expired film produces. i think i'm going to buy a 3 y/o disposable camera and experiment with it. cheers mate!