Feb 18, 2013

Mikey Shedore, Ilwaco, Wa.

Mikey Shedore is a little boy from Ilwaco who was on my sons soccer team that I coached this fall. I say that he and his family may have the worst luck in the history of mankind, not to make light of their situation, but to highlight the unbelievable odds it would take to have so many things happen to a family in such a short amount of time.
In the last year the family-owned fishing vessel was lost at sea, the father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease, Mikey was diagnosed with leukemia, and then was in a car accident where he broke both of his legs. Oh, and by the way, they also had twins and lost the family dog in the fishing vessel capsize.
This Saturday at the Chinook School there will be a benefit dinner for the Shedore family. Please come out and support them, as they could use all the help, and good luck, they can get.


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