Sep 24, 2010

Stop, garbage time

Today I got to spend some time with Chad, a sanitation worker on the Peninsula, as he finished up his route and dropped off his load at the local transfer station where we also took a look at the recycling side of things for a story we have planned for next week. While the smell was rather overwhelming, as I'm sure you can imagine, it was interesting to see the operation, which is far more complicated than I imagined.

Then tonight I was at the Naselle-South Bend football game. This rivalry game is usually a real slugfest, but things felt different this time for some reason. I mean, the crowd was pretty quiet throughout the contest, which is unusual, especially for South Bend. Neither team played to their potential and made myriad mistakes which eventually led to a 14-6 South Bend win.

There's a gallery on the football blog HERE if you want to see more from this game


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