Nov 22, 2011

Windows, waves, hoops and chiefs - Long Beach, Seaview and Ilwaco, Wa.

SO, this is me catching up.
Back on Halloween I got this pic of these porthole pooches while trick or treating in Ilwaco. It's running this week coupled with the pic below, which is really way more Halloween-esque, though I just took it like a week ago. (Thanks to my man Stu for the assist on this one!)

The first real winter storms started hitting us this week and I did something I don't think I've ever done before — shoot the enormous waves crashing into the cliff face at Waikiki Beach in Ilwaco. They were HUGE

This past week was also the start of winter season sports practices. It felt really weird shooting a hoops practice on Friday instead of a football game. It threw off my whole week.

And finally, LB police chief Flint Wright was the Q&A this week, and this was the result of our two minute portrait session — I really like it.

Happy turkey day to all, and to all, a good gravy


PS - I also finished up my new portfolio website, which has a link at the top of the blog (or HERE if you prefer). It has a variety of galleries in a variety of categories Take a look, lemme know what you think

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