Aug 1, 2010

Jake's Freak Scene

Downtown looked a little different last Saturday as it played host to the Jake the Alligator Man birthday bash. Jake has been celebrating his 75th birthday for the last four years. Over that time he has also been married off to a new pin-up model each year as well.
Things were as normal as a voted on marriage/beauty contest can be I suppose, with lots of pretty girls and "rat rod" cars around the field.

But then things got a little weird as the scene became a good old-fashioned freak show, complete with a lightbulb eating geek ...
...and of course a silk worm larvae eating contest off a woman's torso...

The winner had a little bit of a tough time keeping it all down.

You can view more photos from the event HERE



wendy said...

Thank you Damien this is great coverage and beautiful photos.

Missy said...

would love to see more but it says the link is broken. Great photo's!

Anonymous said...

thanx gals, just fixed the link, should work now