Aug 9, 2010

More clay, Van Kley and rainy day

To round out the photo coverage for the clay artist exhibition preview on Life this week I spent some time David Campiche Saturday while he threw a few pots in his little studio in Seaview. As many of you already know David is a wonderful guy to spend time with and always makes for good conversation — and his pottery is beautiful.

Later on Saturday I went up to this little event at the elderly care facility Golden Sands. Local bikers from the ABATE group come once a year and give the old folks rides (if they want them). This lady was a little unsure at first but she was all smiles on the return. I was surprised at how many went out in a steady rain for a ride.

And finally, here's a little enviro port of the new Boys & Girls Club director Bryan Van Kley. I wanted to get him interacting with the kids so I took a ride on their shuttle as he was returning a group from a field trip.


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