Aug 30, 2010

Getting down in old downtown

Yesterday morning I was in Cathlamet to shoot the downhill skateboard contest they were hosting for the second year in a row. I wanted to go last year but the schedule didn't allow for it. This time around I made sure to make it even though I don't know if we'll have a spot in the paper for any of them this week.
Perhaps the coolest part is that the race goes right through the tiny downtown, from the top of the hill near the high school, down a steep hill and really sharp corners to near the bank of the Columbia River.
These guys and girls were cruising super fast and it made for some spectacular wipeouts. Good thing they were all wearing leathers and helmets, but that made for some colorful streaks on the road.

If you wanna see more photos from the downhill race, see a little gallery I put together HERE
and if you were interested in finding out more about the weekend of longboard skating in Cathlamet, check out the events site HERE, which includes a pretty cool video.


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