Aug 24, 2010

Thru the pinhole

Last Wednesday, after literally way too much online research on it, I made a pinhole camera out of an old DSLR I had on the shelf. I did so with a piece of a tin can, a crazy amount of black gaffers tape and a sewing needle. It was a fun little experiment, that paid off with some interesting results IMO.
I never made one all those years I was shooting film, though I did like shooting with a Holga, which is somewhat similar in that you're really guessing on exposure and composition. Wyse was nice enough to be my model, though he did get tired of it after while.
The fuzziness of the image gives some of the pix a very Monet-esque quality I thought. And though I was originally trying to come up with a different format for a portrait shoot, these are way too fuzzy to ever make it in print. So, instead they find a home on the blog.
My average exposure on these was somewhere around f64 (I think) and between 1 second and an 1/8th of a second at ISO 800-1600 (which adds some nice grain to it).


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