Jun 1, 2014

EO Media assignment round-up

My job has changed a lot of late, as the company that owns the Observer switched to a "central desk" that handles layout of all the publications. For the last seven years or so I've been the one who has designed the paper, but no longer. So as I lose hours on one end I gain them on another, as I am now a regular contributor to several other EO Media publications. Today I'm sharing some recent work from assignments for these.
First is a series of portraits I did for Coast Weekend for a series on what libraries mean to people.

Next is a set I shot for the Daily Astorian of the first-ever Run on the River Walk half-marathon today.

Next is a handful of pix for this months issue of the Coast River Business Journal.
Buoy Beer Co. and the shortage of NW hops

Meat purveyors Reed & Hertig

The RiverSea Gallery


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