May 28, 2009

Absence makes the heart ... wanna post some stuff

While its been on my mind every day to post something it was actually today I realized that it had been more than a week since I was last on here. So to prove that, yes, I have been busy, here's some proof (I'll try and post a few soon from the project I've been working on the last few weeks about the final class of the local alternative school that is being closed).

(with respects the Decemberists) ...Oh, Valencia!

Yesterday I visited the Warrenton Soccer complex for the first time this year to shoot some pix for a feature we're doing about a new Peninsula team — called Valencia — made up almost solely by Ilwaco high students. Ilwaco does not have a soccer team so these players joined the Liga Hispana, which is a men's league. The difference between the men and boys is evident — they lost yesterday to the other Peninsula team which has won the league the last two years 7-1. I didn't get many pix that I liked or felt told the story well so I see myself returning next week too. I did however like these two quite a bit.

Circus, Circus

On Memorial Day Monday I spent a few hours at the circus. It was the first time that a circus has come to town in more than 20 years according to the locals who've lived here that long. While the show was surprisingly pretty good, their tent left something to be desired — let's just say with all the holes and patches in it (pretty evident in the last pic), we were all lucky it wasn't raining that day...

Looking up, and over

Last Thursday I went to the 2B district track meet to shoot Naselle, and spent a fair amount of that time getting stuff of Tylor Nortrup winning the pole vault and nearly topping the best mark in the state this year. Here's a tip for all you aspiring sports photogs out there, if you wanna clean-up your backgrounds on pole vaulting, shoot from underneath the pole straight up. Man, only took me 14-plus years of shooting track to figure that one out...
I also got this "s-portait-y" pic while he was waiting to go again. I figure we'll probably use it this week if he does well at state (which is in the Tri-Cities and way too far away to make it for coverage). Cool light.


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