Nov 30, 2009

New Moon? Nah, new season...

It's been a boring couple weeks since fall sports ended, but this week comes the opening of winter sports so I spent a few days over the last couple days shooting practices for previews. Things get going in a big way on Friday as IHS-NHS face off in a doubleheader, with the boys game first, followed by the girls. All four teams should be pretty good this year, which will hopefully lead to some good pix. I haven't been super psyched about my sports stuff thus far this year, so maybe some hoops and wrestling can turn that streak around? So far so, well, pretty good. I really like this first pic from Naselle boys practice.
This one I dragged the shutter quite a bit, and though the coach pops through like I wanted they guys must've stopped moving at that 15th of a second enough to not be very blurry, which is too bad.
Over at Ilwaco the coach was running them pretty hard, trying to build up endurance. Here they are after finishing up a long running drill. For whatever reason I didn't get very good stuff from the girls practices I went to, but Friday is only a few days away...

Hope everyone had a great holiday last week, and with that here's a few shout-outs:
Thanks to the Marcus family for having us for T-Day, it was a blast!
Thanks to everybody out there who takes the time to check out this blog. I know I can be slow on the uptake on here, but thanks for hanging in there. ON a related note, thanks to everybody who takes the time to give feedback out in the community, it may not seem like a lot but it really drives me to keep trying to be better at what I do and it is much appreciated!
Thanks to my Ness, Kenz and Wyse for being the reason I can't wait to come home and am bummed when I'm away (in a good way).

Alright, enough warm and fuzzies, cheers, 

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