Dec 15, 2009

Hot lights & cold ice

What do you get when you have a group of kids dressed all in black, lit by strong stage lights, as seen from a side angle? (that was a ridiculously long set-up) Essentially the pic below.
Last night I was at the Ilwaco Middle/High School winter concert at Hilltop and was pretty cool with how they presented themselves. I saw this pic coming together over about the first 20 minutes. It kinda reminds me of the cover of With the Beatles — same basic principal, black background, black clothes, strong side light.
It was also cool to see that my wife and daughter are not the only ones hip to the new show Glee (I was starting to wonder...), as the concert choir did a little song and dance routine to the classic R&B tune Do You Love Me
For those of you who don't live around here, it was damn cold here for more than a week (we're now back to normal, just gale force winds and rain...). My late Gramma, who was well known for her witicisms, would have likely said "it was colder than a witches teet!" Never quite sure if that made sense or not, but it seemed fitting. Anyway, on I think the last day that it really froze I found this scene on my car windhsield.
Later that day I went out to get a few pix of the flock of swans who are living at Loomis Lake right now, only to find that the lake was almost totally frozen and they were walking across the top of it. Now my wife scoffs at such a notion, but I was quite convinced that it was frozen thick enough — at least 6 inches — that people could have ice skated on it.
The swans also swam around in these two little pools of water in the middle of the lake that didn't freeze over, and I was lucky enough to catch a landing.


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