Jun 24, 2010

Sacred Salmon

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how I do stupid stuff sometimes in order to take pictures. This would be yet another example as I sat on a large tool chest in the back of a pickup truck in order to get this pic of tribal leaders being driven down the highway to the Chinook harbor to launch the Chinookan canoe Itswoot last Friday as part of the annual first salmon ceremony. Totally worth it though.
This was the first time on the river since it was gifted to Chinook tribal chairman Ray Gardner last winter. As is the custom they paused to bless the boat and the journey before launching.

Two years ago I spent pretty much the whole day at this event. This time around it was only about 4 hours or so and in many ways I like the set of pix I got this time a bit better. You can see the audio slideshow I did two years ago HERE if you like.
This is kind of an interesting one, as once the salmon is brought ashore there are several things they do to the fish before cooking it including having children fill it's mouth with salmonberries.
You can see a full gallery from this HERE if you like, or on the front page of this weeks edition. I guess people have liked the coverage as I've already been contacted by a Native American magazine and the state parks service about reprinting them.


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