Dec 27, 2010

My faves/best of 2010

Every year in the course of doing my job, documenting the various goings-on of our community, I take a whole bunch of photos. This year the magic number was just shy of 71,000 shutter clicks. Incredibly enough that is actually up from 68,000 last year.
So what got the most clicks? Day one at the state basketball tourney with 1,415 shots taken of the Ilwaco boys team, the band, the cheerleaders, etc., followed closely by day two at the tournament with 1,325 shots (thats more than 2,700 photos taken during a five to six hour stretch). Trying to edit 1,400 pix in a hotel room that first night on an outdated PowerBook following the game was quite a time-consuming process. It was, however, a very fun 24 hours that included a beautiful, snowy drive over White Pass.
And while in most cases the best or my preferred photos make it into the paper from each assignment, other times the best falls through the cracks or just doesn’t go with the story or the space well enough and is relegated to my blog or the cutting room floor, so to speak.
But with the end of another year comes a time of reflection, and in my case a chance to reexamine all 71,000 pictures and try and determine what was good, what was bad, what can be learned from, and what can be done better. It’s kind of funny to think that a group of 20 or so singles from that can be considered a good year, but I’m happy with what I got, and am looking forward to making more next year.


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