Oct 4, 2011

Doug Knutzen receives the Silver Lifesaving Medal, USCG Station Cape D, Ilwaco, Wa.

Doug Knutzen — of THE PICTURE fame — received a rare honor last Wednesday for another dramatic rescue he was a part of 10 years ago. The Silver Lifesaving Medal is awarded to "any member of the U.S. military, or to a U.S. civilian, who rescues, or endeavors to rescue, any other person from drowning, shipwreck, or other peril of water." Doug and Coasty Beth Slade earned the medal by cutting a stranded man out of his overturned and beached fishing boat in 2001. Slade received her medal in August.

Ever stoic, Doug stayed pretty straight-faced throughout the very nice ceremony, in which a rear admiral presented the award. His wife Suzanne, as well as one of his daughters and members of the surf rescue team were there with him Wednesday.


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