Feb 9, 2012

Brian Brush sentenced to 88.3 years, South Bend, Wa.

A very long ordeal came to an end today as Brian Brush was sentenced to 88.3 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend Lisa Bonney more than two years ago. By the end, I think everyone was just relieved that it was over.

Aside from the sentencing, people were offered the chance to give victim impact statements to Brush and the court. Five of Lisa's relatives — her father, brother, her two daughters and her ex-husband. Her, Bonney's brother takes a moment to compose while giving his speech.

Olivia Bonney gave the most impassioned statement as she went from tears to laughing, reading from her journal, taunting Brush and telling stories about her mom. Throughout her 15+ minutes she continually kept requesting that Brush look at her, which he did not, even as she walked back to her seat.

I'm sure there will be an appeal, but I doubt it will go anywhere. I think for this family a chapter was finally closed today.


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Anonymous said...

These pictures show the story more than any words could. Amazing job Damian. So sorry for the Bonney/Klingler family to have lost such a wonderful woman.