May 7, 2012

Loyalty Days mega post, Ilwaco, Long Beach, Wa.

As everyone around here knows, Loyalty Days weekend is kind of a big deal, with two parades, the Blessing of the Fleet, the opening of Saturday Market, etc. Here's what I saw over the two day holiday.

The Astoria Clowns are so crazy and great, how can you not love a clown smoking?

McKenzie sang the National Anthem before the start of the Ilwaco Kids Parade on Saturday and totally rocked it.

Wyse marched with his preschool class riding his papas homemade horse.

Maddie's Pink Poppy Bakery was a mega hit at the Saturday market, selling out all her goodies before closing time.

Wyse could be the official spokesman, "Good to the last crumb"

While home sick the previous week I took apart an old Holga film camera and fashioned it to work on my camera, and did a little experimenting pre parade Sunday.

Geri, above, waiting to float     Amanda, below, just trying to get home


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Gerry said...

Nice pix, thanks!