Nov 15, 2012

Hodgepodge, Long Beach, Oysterville, Longview, Ilwaco & Naselle, Wa.

A little grouping of some stuff I've been up to lately.
I've been working on a series about abandoned stuff for awhile now, just collecting images mostly, but it's looking like we might actually run it this week so I went out to get a few more pix yesterday. This one's inclusion is uncertain so I thought I'd post it just in case it doesn't, because I like it.

As part of our annual tourism magazine we publish one of the features is about Oysterville, and I wanted to get something fresh and spent a little time with my friend Dan Driscoll as he worked. I took a somewhat similar photo of Dan many years ago that was black and white with the tide out.

From Lake Sacagawea Park, quickly becoming one of my favorite places.

Last night I helped out my buddy Rob Lake, who is the middle school wrestling coach here, by doing score/time keeping for their home meet. Was so busy I only got off two frames, this is one of them.

And lastly, somehow this pic slipped through the cracks after the NHS playoff loss two weeks ago, just came back across it today and felt compelled to share it.


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