Jan 26, 2015

Return to Emerald streets, Seattle, Wa.

It's been almost a year since I last shot on the streets of Seattle. The first week of February last year I came up to photograph the crowds attending the Super Bowl parade after the Seahawks won. It had been 15 months since Natalie and I had gone up together, which is far too long. We spent most of the day Saturday walking the Emerald City and seeing what there was to see. What a great town to visit together, the food and music was excellent, as was my girl.

When the sun finally came out a few color pictures popped up in front of me.

Saturday evening we met up with legendary Seattle photographer Alan Berner at the Seattle Times office in order to pick up one of his new books, Gone West, which features his wonderful B&W work paired with poems by poet laureate Walter Bargen. While there Alan gave us a tour of the building. Below is something we found in the photo department, I'm guessing left over from Occupy or WTO perhaps? Thank you for spending the time Alan, and the thoughtful inscription.


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