May 18, 2015

On streets of Roses, Pt. 28, PDX Squared 2015, Portland, Or.

This last weekend Nat and I took part in PDX Squared 2015, an annual photography event where 70 photographers are given an area within the city and are given 24 hours to make photographs. The images are then submitted and judged live before everyone. The event is sponsored by the Oregon chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers, Pro Photo Supply, Lens Baby, and on and on and on.
Below are the four images I entered in the series category, which took first place. The judges referred to it as "obstructed views," but the way I saw it was more the bisection and intersection of people and the lines that make up the landscape around Lloyd Center, my assigned area.

I entered a few others which didn't do quite as well in the judging

And here are a few others that I liked but didn't enter


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