Oct 12, 2007

NHS Homecoming game

Tonight was the homecoming game for Naselle High School, which always brings with it the pageantry and hope, regardless of how your season is going. However, this year Naselle has having one, if not the best season they've had in decades and with their win tonight over league foe Tacoma Baptist, assured themsleves of no less than their first winning season in many, many years.

You can see more from the game the Friday Night Sights blog. The players will likely have their stuff up sometime tommorrow morning, as I'm sure they're pretty tired after a strong performance tonight.
After the game was well in hand and the night was wearing on, I tried some stuff with a slow shutter just for kicks. Not sure how well it came out, but it was fun to experiment a little. I think I'll keep trying it late in games if they're blowouts, to see if I can get something good.


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Anonymous said...

i thought this slow shutter image was really effective as is. maybe it could use more facial details or more ball. i didn't realize before that running could look this cool. - dp