Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hey everybody, happy Halloween. This is defintely one of my favorite holidays, if for no other reason than it gives people the right to look and act as crazy as they want.
The pic above I took a couple weeks ago for an advance of the Haunted Bunker. For those of you not from around here, it's like a haunted house, set up inside an old army bunker at Fort Canby (Cape D) in Ilwaco. It's put on by the local Coast Guard base and is a fundraiser for local charity. These guys always have a blast trying to make it scarier each year. I brought lights with me to do portrait style shots of the actors doing whatever it is they do. When it came to this room, the set-up was already perfect, as they had a work lamp set up to back light the guy with the chainsaw. I pretty much just set up a ladder to stand on and told them to throw lots of blood on the curtain. Perfect!
Here's something a little more tame, this was at the Ocean Park Elementary's Halloween parade this morning. I was amazed at how many kindergarteners knew who Elvis was, as they were calling out to this boy. Hilarious.
Here's a family shot from the other night before our Halloween/Hurray our adoption was finalized! Party at our house. McKenzie is a fairy princess this year. Meanwhile, here we have Wyse in one of his three Halloween outfits this year. I'll be sure to post one later of his Charlie Brown attire...

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Very cute family picture!