Jan 29, 2008

Derby Day, Pinewood pix

Instead of uploading all these pix, I figured instead I'd show you the page. The design is a little different for me, but I thought it worked well for this presentation. Like all the pix on my blog you can click on it to give it a closer look (BTW, for some reason the page title font up top looks weird...)

SEAVIEW — The sound of squeeling tires, fast passing cars and crashes met the hungry ears of the young racers. While the sounds were fake, the excitement was real for the 20-some boys who were ready to race.
Few days have quite the cache for Cub Scouts as Pinewood Derby Day. Sure there are campouts and hikes to be had. But derby day is something special.
Arriving early in order to weigh in their cars, the boys grouped around a long table, adding some weight here, taking some off there, all to be sure that their car would move as efficiently as possible. Fingers touched the little racers, placed out for all to see, then touched their temples in a salute of the flag.
As the racing began, Scouts coolly placed their pinewood cars at the starting line, eye-balling to make sure wheels line-up just right. The flip of a switch, a whoosh of speed and the cars hit the finish line pillow with a puff.
Holy Cow, a new track record.
One after another the cars hit the end, are carried back to the beginning and sent off once more. The fastest surviving to continue to the next race, the big race. The fastest of the pack race.
One racer from each den lines up and gives it their best. One more race, one more chance, one more win.
“You win,” “I’m second,” “he’s third.” Just wait till next year!

— Damian Mulinix
Observer staff photojournalist

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d a v i d p l e c h l said...

Awesome! I think everything looks great! Especially Sports and Life. Perhaps my only reservation is the space between the skyboxes and the masthead. The empty space there in contrast to the tightly constructed layout below, I dont know, I can't get past it. I keep looking at it. Perhaps it could be balanced with more empty space elsewhere? Also, the masthead font spacing. I don't quite get why it is spaced the way it is. I'm going to pick up a print version to really check it out. Great job overall. I think layout is so important in how the reader interacts with, and is stimulated by the paper. Exciting stuff!